004: Style Stalker

Ok, ok. I know she’s pregnant [and there is nothing fashionable about being sweaty and pregnant – trust me I’ve been there], but when I saw paparazzi photos of Kourtney Kardashian strolling around NYC in an adorable black blazer, I needed it.

Seriously. So cute. After some research, I discovered it was by Style Stalker. It’s called the Lithium Blazer. So I bought it.

I paired it with a dark wash pair of skinny jeans and mid-calf suede boots.

This blazer is (not surprisingly) sold out pretty much everywhere, but I did find one on ebay, just for you 🙂



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4 responses to “004: Style Stalker

  1. Ellayourbellllllla~*

    LOVEEEE this!!! It’s so expensive though!!! Know where I can find a cheaper one??

    • The one on Ebay is actually cheaper than the one I bought, not by much, but this is a designer label, so it’s gonna be hard to find it for much less!

  2. Hannah

    i found it on an australian website: http://www.theiconic.com.au/Lithium-Blazer-49195.html Its for AUD$229.95 though. 😦

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